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Will COVID-19 Change How We Build Spaces?

May 7th, 2020 | BY NEWCA

Mariana Circiumaru, head of U.S. construction at BentallGreenOak, explores an interesting question in the Commercial Observer: Will the Coronavirus crisis change how we physically build out buildings?

Circiumaru examines how other major events through history have impacted how construction does its job including the catalyst for the first fire sprinkler system at the Theater Royal in London (1812). She also observes that the 9/11 attacks impacted not only the design/build process, but how security needs were integrated into the process as well.

She theorizes: “Humans will need to adapt to new rules and regulations; there will be behavioral changes, and these will transpose into how we will design new buildings and retrofit existing structures. The buildings and their systems will need to adapt in order to mitigate the risk of infection and virus spread, and to not only stop the pandemic but also to avoid future viruses’ outbreaks and disasters.”

You can read her entire premise here.

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