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June 11th, 2020 | by NEWCA

Great news: the construction labor shortage has been solved! Or so claims a press release from tech start up ToolBelt about their eponymously named ToolBelt app…and for now, only if you are living/working in the Portland, Oregon region.

According to the release, they have created the “contracting industry’s first digital labor solution, allowing contractors to connect to skilled labor instantly. In just 8 short months ToolBelt has been able to successfully harness 8 percent of the contracting market in the Portland metro area, allowing contractors to grow their business more efficiently.”

The apps beta test, launched in late August 2019, connects contractors with skilled labor through the different options. It’s “pioneering technology was designed to be easier to use than a drill and is a vital part of its mass adoption. With the touch of a button, general contractors, builders, and contractors are able to quickly and easily find skilled labor and work.”

ToolBelt shared that they will reveal nationwide expansion plans by the end of the third quarter 2020.

Founded by Josh Engelbrecht, a veteran of the contracting business throughout the Pacific Northwest, the concept was born of his first-hand experience struggling to find the skilled labor he needed for projects. To bring the concept to life, Engelbrecht partnered with veteran technology leader Ross Barbieri. Barbieri has previously successfully “created and sold several staffing-based platforms such as ShiftWise, Staffing Robot, and Hively.”

You can learn more about ToolBelt on their website and watch their overview video here.

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