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Focus on Retention: The Small Cost of Rewarding Employees to Increase Longevity

February 13th, 2020 | Published by NEW Construction Alliance

Much of the focus when it comes to the construction workforce shortage has been, rightly so, on recruitment. But there’s another “R” when it comes to human capital management: Retention.

Once you have that right hire, someone who not only has “the right skillset, qualification, and experience, but other critical aspects such as right values, attitude, and cultural fit,” it’s imperative do whatever is possible, within reason, to retain that employee for the sake of long-term success.

That’s exactly what developer Tishman Speyer and general contractor Turner Construction Co., are doing as part of a major project in Manhattan called “The Spiral” with their “amenity app ZO,” which provides a number of free benefits beyond those found in a standard HR package.

Rewards include free haircuts and shaves, lunch, an onsite medic, wellness services and a massage at the end of the day, among other benefits.

But such programs are not limited to New York or the bigger companies. The Build Out spoke with Dr. Jack Janssen, owner of Concierge Chiropractic in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Concierge Chiropractic provides on-site chiropractic and massage services for multiple industries throughout Northeast Wisconsin. “Ultimately, it’s an investment in their employee’s wellness that not only makes the employee feel valued, but directly impacts that employee’s productivity and effectiveness,” Janssen said. “Regular adjustments combined with a simple 10-minute massage, particularly for those whose jobs involve a lot of physicality, can be mentally and physically transformative.”

Christopher McFadden, vice president of communications for Turner, seems to agree. He told The Construction Dive that the ZO program has created a giant boost in morale and helped with project safety as well. “ Workplace safety becomes a way of life when workers are treated with respect and are provided amenities similar to those available to officer workers by caring owners,”said McFadden.

To learn more about Concierge Chiropractic, you can contact Dr. Janssen at (920) 328-3850.

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