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Will the Construction Workforce Shortage be the Catalyst for Effective, Lasting Immigration Reform?

February 13th, 2020 | Published by NEW Construction Alliance

A recent article from FoxNews.com opens with the very true, but woefully under appreciated declaration: “It’s a good time to be a construction worker.”

It goes on to state, “President Trump’s immigration crackdown–and a booming economy–are both leading to an unforeseen complication in the labor market: a big shortage of workers in the construction industry.”

While it is likely true that stronger border policies have impacted the availability of workers, the construction workforce shortage’s roots stretch farther back than any recent presidency and solving this shortage will likely take longer than the next few election cycles.

And it’s that long-term impact that begs the question: Will the worsening construction trades workforce shortage be enough to get both sides of the political aisle to actually work together to pass effective immigration reform as it pertains to this growing problem?

The NEW Construction Alliance does not dabble in political policy, but as the demand for skilled workers—i.e. able-bodied adults—grows, it seems this is one area that will need to be addressed. And hopefully politicians can address it faster than the automation wave of 2057!

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