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President Talks Construction During State of the Union Address

February 6th, 2020 | Published by NEW Construction Alliance

President Donald J. Trump spent a portion of his State of the Union addresthis past Tuesday talking about the impact of expanded Opportunity Zones and their positive impact on low income neighborhoods and growing the trades workforce.

Jobs and investments are pouring into 9,000 previously neglected neighborhoods thanks to Opportunity Zones... In other words, wealthy people and companies are pouring money into poor neighborhoods or areas that haven’t seen investment in many decades, creating jobs, energy, and excitement, stated President Trump.

The president then highlighted the amazing turnaround of Army veteran Tony Rankins, “Opportunity Zones are helping Americans like Army veteran Tony Rankins from Cincinnati, Ohio. After struggling with drug addiction, Tony lost his job, his house, and his family.He was homeless.But then Tony found a construction company that invests in Opportunity Zones.He is now a top tradesman, drug-free, reunited with his family, and he is here tonight. Tony, keep up the great work.”

He went on to share a bold vision for helping grow the construction workforce. President Trump said, “My budget also contains an exciting vision for our nation’s high schools.Tonight, I ask Congress to support our students and back my plan to offer vocational and technical education in every single high school in America.”

This news tracks with a bill working its way through the Wisconsin state Legislature to strengthen the 120 Opportunity Zones within the Badger State.

The zones encourage heavy investment into areas that have been overlooked for decades. The resulting boom leads increases in the construction sector and creates thousands of new jobs.

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