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Welcome TrANS Forward Service

December 12th, 2019 | Published by NEW Construction Alliance

The NEW Construction Alliance continues to grow, and we are happy to welcome our newest member, the Transportation Alliance for New Solutions (TrANS)—a program of the Forward Service Corporation.

Under the leadership in Northeast Wisconsin of Ranard Morris for the past eight years, the TrANS construction training program provides much needed soft skills training to ensure a solid, successful fit between a prospective worker and the open position. And the program has yielded phenomenal results in placements and retention within our industry.

Explaining why they joined the Alliance, Craig Coleman, Job Developer for the TrANS program, said, “We have long supported the construction career path as a viable way to get self-or family-sustaining wages and benefits, and to become an important part of every community. Talking with members helps us better understand the industry and employer needs so we can prepare our TrANS trainees.” He continued, saying that they look forward to helping “our graduates connect with quality contractors throughout Northeast Wisconsin, so they can join and become the skilled tradespeople of the future.”

To learn more about how you might benefit from this amazing program, please contact Craig Coleman at (920) 940-6069 or via email: ccoleman@fsc-corp.org.

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