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Important Stories: Maternity Benefits Key to Attracting Tradeswomen; 21st Century Tech Benefits Construction Productivity; and New Bill Could Impact Occupational Licensing

November 21st, 2019 | Published by NEW Construction Alliance

Here are a few great stories we’ve been reading and thought you mind find interesting as well:

Study finds maternity benefits for construction tradeswomen financially feasible
A new study from the Chicago Women in Trades highlights the success that trade organizations like the Ironworkers have had offering pregnancy and maternity benefits to their workers. The lack of pregnancy and family medical leave policies can be a barrier to women’s entry and retention in the trades, according to the report, which also examines a recently enacted policy from the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters (NCSRCC). Read more here.

We've got your back: 8 construction exoskeletons you should know about
[E]xoskeletons are a type of wearable technology that helps lessen worker strain from repetitive tasks. By providing support and reducing stress on the user's body, these machines—both powered and passive—enhance the ability to work quickly and safely and help reduce injuries. For more about exoskeletons and their applications for the construction industry, check out Construction Dive's Tech 101 feature on the subject.

Below is a roundup of some of the exoskeleton products available—or soon to be available—in the U.S.. Read more here.

Bill to compel state to weigh pros, cons of proposed occupational licenses
Recently introduced bill in the Legislature would prevent lawmakers from adopting new occupational licenses without state officials first having weighed the proposed credentials’ likely costs and benefits.

The proposal, introduced Friday as Assembly Bill 605 and Senate Bill 541, would require the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services to evaluate new occupational licenses before lawmakers vote on them. Specifically, the DSPS would have to consider both the “financial burden” that any proposed rules might impose on people and businesses and the ways in which other states regulate whatever job is up for licensing. After looking at various types of regulation, state officials would then have to pick whichever is “least restrictive,” according to the bill. Read more here.

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