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Feeling the Heat: Workforce Shortage Garnering More Attention

November 7th, 2019 | Published by NEW Construction Alliance

A recent article from Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) continues to shine a spotlight on the shortage of skilled labor, particularly in the construction related trades. And the problem is hitting companies big and small.

The highlight Lund Builders of River Falls who has 11 employees, but relies heavily upon subcontractors for plumbing, electrical and related trades to complete their homebuilding and remodeling projects.

“How it affectsus primarily is in keeping jobs moving in the right directions and being timely. Time is money, so that affects the cost of housing. When you are having a struggle getting workers, you’re paying higher dollar for them, which is good, but it also means things aren’t getting done as quickly as we and the homeowners are expecting and that costs money,”said Tami Kucera, owner and vice president of Lund Builders.

This all-too familiar story is why the NEW Construction Alliance—to find sustainable solutions to this growing crisis.

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