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Social Distancing on the Jobsite – What’s Different and How the ‘New Normal’ Looks

April 16th, 2020 | Published by NEW Construction Alliance

Most jobsites start their day with some form of kick-off  or morning briefing.  Until a few weeks ago that meant a large crowd of subcontractors, trade workers, foremen and others gathering into one room for the discussion.

BISNOW shadowed Truebeck Construction’s Portland operations to see how CDC guidelines and other health concerns have been applied to the jobsite in practical and workable ways.

According to the article:

“Daily all-hands meetings that normally gather dozens of employees into one room have been broken up: Employees arrive for briefings four or five at a time and stand 6 feet apart. When they can, Truebeck employees record safety briefings by video so employees can watch them before coming to work. 

“Truebeck also has staggered work schedules to lower the total number of employees on the site at any given time and has opened up additional entry gates to the site. Occupancy is limited in break areas, and the food trucks that typically dot Beech Street have been temporarily suspended.”

You can read more here.

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