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April 30th, 2020 | Published by NEWCA

The Daily Reporter reports that “C.G. Schmidt recently launched a virtual education series called ‘Ask the Builders.”


The YouTube based series invites students to submit their questions about construction through a secure form on their website in the hopes to have their queries answered by the company’s Wisconsin-based construction works and managers.


“Ask the Builder” actually began two years ago as a terrestrial-based program.  When Schmidt was constructing a school building, they would encourage students to submit written questions via inside a designated mailbox and they would be answered as part of the school’s daily announcements or at all-school assemblies. 


Enter the COVID-19 situation and news that kids would not be returning to schools for the remainder of this school year and the company adapted the program for virtual delivery.


“This is the kind of innovative thinking and creative delivery that is needed within our industry to make the construction trades more attractive to students,” said Joe Giganti, executive director of the NEW Construction Alliance.  “Using social media immediately helps bridge the gap between our industry and the elementary and high school students. We get to meet them on ‘their turf’ and allows us to showcase the awesomeness of what we do.”


You can learn more about the program here. And if you know kids who would want to submit a question, they can do so by clicking here and following the submission form directions.

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